" It took my two weeks to do it last time. You guys finished in two days, what a relief. "
Jim | Union, KY

Professional Deck Cleaning and Sealings

Let us restore any outside surface to it's original state. In addition to decks, we also pressure wash and seal concrete, pavers, playsets, gazebos, brick, and we can clean your roof and gutters.

We Guarantee amazing restoration results. We use environmentally safe products to bring your deck's wood back to its original color. After cleaning, we will seal your deck using a clear coat, semi-transparent or solid color stain to protect it in the future from nature's elements.


Three different sealers for three different finishes.

  1. Clear Sealer - a penetrating sealer that starts from inside of the wood and works to the surface. (last 2-4 years)
  2. Semi Transparent - allows wood grain to be seen, but with added pigment (redwood, cedar, etc) (lasts 3-5 years)
  3. Solid Coats - while this will block visibility of the wood grain, it is by far the best protectant for the surface. Best on older decks, helps with splintering.  (lasts 5 years


Quick, Hassle Free Service

Our deck restoration is a two day process. We take care of removing all furniture and clearing the deck. The first step is pressure washing and cleaning the entire deck area. We will fix any nail pops and sand as needed. The second day we apply the sealer. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How often do I need to clean/seal my deck? 
    1. Answer: To ensure the absolute best protection and the best appearance for your deck, it should be maintained on a yearly basis. Decks take a tremendous beating from the weather and will deteriorate rapidly without proper care. We recommend a yearly powerwash and the application of another coat of sealer to keep your deck at its best.
  2. Will the chemicals kill my plants?
    1. Answer: All the chemicals used to clean and brighten your deck are environmentally friendly and will not harm your plants, children or pets. The sealers, however, will kill plants if saturated. We will do our best to cover all plants and grass before sealing.
  3. How do you clean the deck?
    1. Answer: When wood has been weathered, it will have to be restored before it may be sealed. In our process, we first apply an environmentally safe cleaning chemical, then powerwash the deck. This removes all the gray discoloration caused by damaged wood fibers, and restores the wood to almost its natural color. Our powerwashers are custom designed for our company. They are low pressure and will not damage the wood surface. All decks, including new ones, should be cleaned before they are sealed. Once the deck has been powerwashed, we then apply a wood brightener to neutralize the cleaner and further restore the wood's natural color.

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