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Bernice | Ft Thomas, KY

Other Pressure Washing Services

A. Rizzo Group can help protect all of your outdoor investments.  Our professionals will remove dirt, algae, and mold from siding, brick, concrete, and wood. And on most surfaces we can use an Environmentally safe sealant to protect from future deterioration.  We can bring your pavers back to their original colors, and keep moisture out to prevent costly repairs down the road.  Don't wait until it's too late.


Three different sealers for three different finishes.

  1. Clear Sealer - a penetrating sealer that starts from inside of the wood and works to the surface. (last 2-4 years)
  2. Semi Transparent - allows wood grain to be seen, but with added pigment (redwood, cedar, etc) (lasts 3-5 years)
  3. Solid Coats - while this will block visibility of the wood grain, it is by far the best protectant for the surface. Best on older decks, helps with splintering.  (lasts 5 years


Quick, Hassle Free Service

Our restoration and sealing services are a quick and hassle-free process. We take care of removing all furniture and clearing any obsticles on the surfaces we are servicing. We will work with you so our professionals can finish the job in a timely manner.


We can restore and seal just about any outdoor surface!

  1. Pavers - bring your pavers back to their original colors. Keeps moisture out to prevent costly repairs down the road.Driveway Cleaning & Sealing
  2. Patios & Pool Areas
  3. Concrete
  4. Siding
  5. Playsets
  6. Roof
  7. Gutters
  8. Brick

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